All CBD products contain < 0.3 THC


is to provide our customers and partners with quality artisan cultivated hemp, CBD and herbal products ensuring healthy lifestyles and overall wellness.

Natural Balance

We believe through its natural cycles, nature provides all the nutrients, flavor and balance humans and animals need to live a healthy life. Using organic pest deterrents or chemical fertilizers, our farmers utilize organic and sustainable farming techniques to produce the highest quality crops fortified with nature’s best so you can live your best.


Soil, farming techniques, water sources, fertilizers and pest deterrents all matter, and all affect the final product. Each input, no matter how small, impacts the health, nutrients and quality of crops. Our farmers seek organic soil certification, natural water sources, practice sustainable farming techniques, avoid pesticides, and apply natural fertilizers to produce the highest quality products available. Check out our Certificate of Analysis of each product on our product page. 


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