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Humulene molecule ball and stick view with 2 dimensional view side by side.

Humulene, also know as alpha-caryophyllene, is a common flavoring agent used in foods, including condiments and seasonings. Humulene has been studied for management and/or treatment of inflammatory diseases, and the antibiotic, antioxidant, anticarcinogenic and local anesthetic activities.

Humulene Essential Oil

Often found in cannabis varieties, humulene is also found in the flowering cone of hops plants, sage, ginger, and ginseng. During the brewing and fermentation of beer, it is responsible for a brews “hoppy” flavors and smell. Earthy or musky are terms often used to describe the humulene fragrances.

When the molecule is found in hemp such as the Cherry Wine Strain, it is usually combined with a companion sesquiterpene terpene, βcaryophyllene.

Several biological activities are attributed to beta-caryophyllene, such as anti-inflammatory, antibiotic, antioxidant, anticarcinogenic and local anesthetic activities. A non-cytotoxic concentration of beta-caryophyllene significantly increased the anticancer activity of alpha-humulene and isocaryophyllene on MCF-7 cells…

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Potentiating effect of beta-caryophyllene on anticancer activity of alpha-humulene, isocaryophyllene and paclitaxel. Legault J, Pichette A.